Saturday, 28 September 2013

stock portfolio

today is 28/9, finally working 2 month ady.!!

everyday working reli sienz, from morning to evening and from monday to sunday.

for encouraged myself, i buy many gift to myself!!!haha

this month i buy new nokia lumia 520 phone and Asus memopad hd 7, new shoes, and clothes...

buy so many things reli happy, but my first month salary use almost finish liao!!==

now start have a car burden, nid give my car drink fuel, nid maintenance, nid road tax and insurance..

omg!!!but luckily my car very save oil, becos every month just rm90 like tat...

next yrs jan i nid go travel, nid pay road tax and insurance, passport and ptptn i preapred a sum of

money for next yrs

So now i start do the investment!!!!

one of my portfolio is sunreit which is real estate investment trust and another is Glomac which is property stock. Sunreit is high dividend share, every yrs at least has 5-6% and the stock price quite stable. REITS is gud choice for everyone. last month i buy 24unit at the price RM1.434, but yesterday 27/9 last price is RM1.42.

Another Glomac is property stock, now the property stock is very hot. but why i still choose this stock. this is because now lembaga haji tambung now got hold 5% share, the revenue and sales is very high, the glomac now focus property in Rawang, Damansara and other.